Faith Stickers

Lent Sticker Pack

Use for your spiritual preparation prior to the Easter season, by adding Faith-based images to your iMessages with these sticker packs featuring words of encouragement throughout the days of Lent.

Express yourself with Faith in new ways with dynamic and animated Faith stickers you can add to your iMessage chats. Sending a Faith sticker to someone is as simple as tapping it, which puts it in the message field. From there, tap the up arrow to send the Faith sticker. It’s simple, and essentially the same process as sending a standard text message or an emoji. Have fun sharing your Faith!

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Includes 40 stickers:
• A time of growth getting in shape spiritually
• A time to Confess Trust Serve
• A time to Renounce Reject Repent
• Accept repentance
• 40 Days of Repentance, Fasting & Preparation
• Fast Give Prepare Pray
• First Day of Lent
• Give of Yourself for 40 Days – Prayer, Fasting, Repent
• Grace through prayer, confession, fasting
• Have Mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am weak
• I open my heart to accept that all God’s love
• Increase Your Giving to Those in Need
• Joel 2 12 14 Return to the Lord
• Last Day of Lent – Lord Pray for Us
• Loving Well in Thought Word, and Deed
• Loving with All Your Heart Soul Strength and Mind
• Mark 1 15 Repent and believe the gospel
• Matthew 6 16 18 Be not as the Hypocrites, sad
• Meditate on Christs Sacrifice for Mankind
• Meditate on God’s Holy Word
• Prayer Fasting Repent
• Psalm 25:1 To you, O Lord, I Lift up my Soul
• Psalm 25:2 O My God, in You I Trust
• Psalm 25:4 Help make me to Know Your Ways. O Lord
• Psalm 25:5 Lead Me in Your Truth, and teach me
• Psalm 31;9 Be Gracious to Me O Lord, for I am in distress
• Psalm 51:10 Create In Me a New Heart O God
• Psalm 119:11 I Treasure Your Word, so I may not sin against you
• Psalm 139:23-24 Search Me O God, and know my heart
• Regroup Reflect Refocus on God
• Repent Believe in the Holy Gospel
• Repentant Heart Lord Pray for Us
• Repentant Heart Red Lord Pray for Us
• Respect, solemnity, joy for Christ in our hearts
• Return to me with all your heart, with fasting and mourning
• Romans 1 16 17 The Righteous shall live by Faith
• The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you
• Time of Penance almsgiving prayer fasting
• Turn away from your sin – Be Faithful to the Gospel
• and more to come!