Faith Stickers

Ash Wednesday St. Valentine Stickers

Include your Faith in your conversations with these Ash Wednesday – St. Valentine and Patron Saint sticker packs.
Add Faith-based images to your iMessages with these sticker packs featuring Ash Wednesday St. Valentine and your favorite Patron Saints to your online communications.
Express yourself with Faith in new ways with dynamic and animated Faith stickers you can add to your iMessage chats. Sending a Faith sticker to someone is as simple as tapping it, which puts it in the message field. From there, tap the up arrow to send the Faith sticker. It’s simple, and essentially the same process as sending a standard text message or an emoji. Have fun sharing your Faith!
Discover all our sticker packs in the iMessage App Store, including your favorite Patron Saints.
Includes 40 stickers:
• Animated Ash Cross
• Animated St. Valentine
• First Day of Lent
• St Valentine Pray For Us
• Ash Wednesday
• Lent Day 1
• Ash St Valentine’s
• St. Valentine
• Pray for Us
• First day of Lent
• Happy St. Valentine’s Day
• Patron Saint of Lovers
• Saint Valentine
• Mercy O God
• Mercy O Lord
• Heart of God
• Heart of Jesus
• Repent
• Repentant Heart
• Repent and Believe
• Repent and Pray
• Holy Gospel
• Holy Season
• and many more!